We’re located on the main pedestrian zone in the center of Primošten. Restaurant Galija and Apartments are located only 10 meters from the beautiful pebble beach Mala Raduća, from which there is a spectacular view of the open sea and the surrounding islands. The restaurant has two terraces and an enclosed space.

Restaurant Galija offers specialties of the world famous Dalmatian cuisine. First and foremost, those are the delicious fish and mussel dishes, crabs, shrimps, and everything else that our blue Adriatic sea has to offer. We also offer Dalmatian dishes made from meat and vegetables that are grown exclusively in the Primošten area. There is also very famous ham, cheese and bread all baked in the broiler which the visitors can watch as it is being cooked.

And lastly, we offer a huge variety of home and foreign drinks, and we would like to especially recommend the Babić wine which is made from a natively grown sort of vine from the famous stone vineyards of Primošten. These vineyards have a status of an international monument to the human achievement and their picture is located in the lobby of the United Nations building.

The restaurant also encompasses a native “ethno tavern” which is at the same time a real Dalmatian tavern, where one can taste all the domestic dishes and drinks, as well as see a museum which holds all objects which were widely used once upon, but are now for display only.

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